A Pillow Designed For Neck and Shoulders

IF you are looking for a pillow that can help with neck and shoulder problems, or even insomnia, here is a newly designed pillow dedicated to do some alleviation for such problems.

Qinsumian pillows are designed by an experienced traditional Chinese medicine practitioner who has many other talents in modern medincine, engineering, and computer sciences. They are produced by a brilliant company in Shenzhen China, under supervision of a professional team who have attained patents for these pillows all around the world.

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The most distinct feature and the selling point of this pillow is the neck holding and repairing effect, which comes from the unique design. 

The space memory foam provides the pillow with its neither "too soft" nor "too hard" property, working perfectly with the contours and angles that are specially designed for the neck and shoulder problems. 


The core fillings of the pillow are Japanese Binchotan and Hinoki Wood. 

Japanese Binchotan charcoal, due to its porous structure, can trap toxic particles and absorb the humidity and unwanted smell or odour, hence is able to reduce some bacterial growth inside the pillow.

Hinoki Wood, also called Japanese cypress, with a distintive aroma, can produce an effect for you to feel relaxed. It also reduces stress and tiredness, and that is going to help you sleep right through the night. 

Of course, these functions of these two herbs are maximised by the best designed airflow optimisation system inside the pillow.   

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Is the Qinsumian pillows safe to use? How safe?

Qinsumian pillows, designed and produced in Shenzhen Zhenyuan Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd, have gone through multiple testings before they were rolled out to the global market. 

These testings, which were conducted by Shenzhen RCT Testing Technology Co., Ltd., include Japanese PSE tests, Australian CTICK tests, EU RoHS tests, USA FCC tests, and EU REACH tests. Qinsumian pillows have certainly passed all of these tests and attained the cerfiticates of all of them.

Here are some snapshots of the certificates.

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From the outside to the inside of this pillow, each layer is designed with a lot of care. The top layer of the pillow is made of high quality cotton which gives a really nice smooth sensation at touch, and the non-skid bottom layer is made to 'grip' on the surface of the bed to make sure the pillow stays at the spot. This feature may really help those who have neck problems.


Rachel carefully selected Qinsumian brand out of hundreds of pillow brands available in the market to bring over to Australia, and she truely wants to give her patients and customers the best pillow experience possible.


If you would like to try it out before purchase, you are always welcome to contact and visit Art of Health Penshurst. 

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