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What We Do

At Art of Health Penshurst, our services include Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Tongue, Pulse and Auricular Reading, Remedial Massage, Gua Sha (spooning), Cupping, Reflexology and Facial Aromatherapy,   Meditation Classes, Psychic reading and Crystal healing.

We also prescribe and formulate Chinese herbs in different forms including granulated, raw and pills. Based on the results from tongue, pulse and auricular reading, Rachael can further advise if clients should require acupuncture treatment, Chinese medicine or remedial massage. Come and talk to us or make an appointment for a full consultation!

Education and Experience

Rachael has gained her experience from worldwide famous masters including:

  • Dr Li Chun Huang | USA / China | World-Renowned Expert in the field of Auricular Medicine

  • Dr Guoqing Wei | Australia | C.E.O. & Founder of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society of Australia

  • Dr Shu Wang | Australia | Director of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society of Australia

  • Dr Liang Chuan Lin | Taiwan | World Leader in Orthopaedics

  • Dr Wei Liu | USA |  Former Professor of Northwest Health Science University and Founder of the "Power Needling Technique"

  • Hong Chun Yin | London | Famous TCM Practitioner specialise of TCM Tongue reading and Editor of Modern Tongue Diagnostics in Chinese Medicine

  • Zhao Zhang Wang | Taiwan | Founder of Wang’s Colour Therapy of The Eight Trigrams

  • Cun Zeng Huang | China | Famous Acupuncturist for Deafness and Hearing

  • Wei Dong Yu | Canada | Famous Acupuncturist for Eye disease

  • Shu Sen Li | China | Famous TCM Practitioner and Founder of Chang Sang Jun Pulse

  • Guo Dong Yu | Australia | Senior Qi Gong Master

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My Philosophy

At Art of Health, we will use a holistic approach to provide personalised care for a broad range of health issues such as common flu/cold, women’s health, pregnancy (and IVF support), fertility issues, immune system disorders, anxiety/depression, caesarean/surgery scar, asthma, stroke, shingle, visual/hearing problem and musculoskeletal pain or injuries. Our focus is not only at treating the symptoms but the root cause of the disease in order to prevent recurrence.

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