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Qiansumian Remedial Pillow


1. How to use it?

The middle part of the pillow has two different heights on the two ends to allow all users, including children, adults and the elderly to choose their ideal comfort level.


2. Does it smell after long term use?

The product contains a raw herbal fragrance, which is non toxic and harmless. It can be used safely after being placed in a cool and ventilated place for a period of time.


3. Is the pillow core washable?

The material of the pillow core is memory foam, which is filled with Japanese Hinoki and Binchotan. It is advised not to wash or expose the memory foam to sunlight.


4. Is the pillow case washable?

The pillow contains two separate inner and outer pillowcases. The inner pillowcase should not be washed and can be maintained together with the pillow core. During normal maintenance, the outer pillowcase can be removed, washed and placed in a ventilated and cool place to dry naturally. While cautions must be taken when washing the outer pillowcase. Water temperature should be below 35 degrees Celsius. NO chlorine bleaching and NO dry cleaning to be used for washing. The ironing temperature should be set to low.


5. Can the pillow help recovering from with spine curvature pathologies?

Yes it can help but this is not a medical treatment. Straightened or reversed cervical spine is a form of deformity. Correct sleeping position may slowly restore healthy curvature. Qinsumian Japanese Hinoki Binchotan Memory Foam Pillow ergonomically targets the neck, shoulders and sides, with a closely fit. It aids to adjust correct sleeping position. Users can choose the position that works best, either you are a side or back sleeper. Therefore, it has the ability to effectively help people between 20-60 years old who have minor cervical spine curvature pathologies.


6. How long will the effects last?

It depends on how you use the pillow. Usually it lasts for a year minimal as per the factory. From our feedbacks from some buyers, you might need to change to a softer pillow from time to time to give your neck some time to adjust, and use our pillow again to maintain the effects.


  • All Qinsumian products have passed the electromagnetic safety testing of Australia, the United States, the European Union, and Japan.

    This pillow uses globally purchased high-quality raw materials, such as Japanese Hinoki and Binchotan which are used as fillings. It has an airflow and ergonomic design with a utility model patent. The multiple functions include anti-dust mites, the release of neck and shoulders pressure, shielding of electromagnetic waves, dilution of foul odor and volatile organic compounds, generation of anion and phytoncide, sedative and awakening effects, the release of far infrared rays, and adjustment of humidity.

    In addition, the special fabric provides warm and comfortable sensations, discharges moisture, and the non-slip design secures the pillow effectively.

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